House Portrtaits

by artist Kathryn Smith

Traditional House Portraits

Burlington house

Picture your home the subject of a beautiful work of art. A painting destined to become a cherished family heirloom to hang in your home with pride and pass down to future generations. A house portrait can make a great gift for any occasion including retirements and anniversaries. The most popular style of house portrait is a watercolor painting set in the summer, when the surrounding landscape shows off most houses at their best. If you are ordering a painting for Christmas and you don’t have a perfect photo of your house, take more photos and the season can be altered to the time of year that you would prefer. Always remember to include many close-ups of details such as entrance ways, windows and decorative brick and stonework. The following is a basic guideline for photographing your home.

  1. Most homes look best from the driveway angle, however it is best to photograph your home from several different angles.
  2. Zoom in to get close-ups from the same angle.
  3. Take close-up shots of detailed elements, windows, doors, shutters, railings, etc.
  4. Photograph flowerbeds and garden areas to the sides of the house.

House Portrait Pricing Guide
The following pricing guide is for a single family, residential building only.
Watercolor 15″ x 21″ image does not include framing ….. $1500 to $2500 depending on size, architecture and landscape design * Size may vary slightly depending on the style of home and width of frontage.
* Special inclusions such as the family dog may be added at an additional cost.
*Larger homes and homes with ornate, brick, stonework or gingerbread trim may be higher in price.

*Homes in the Hamilton Ontario area may be photographed by the artist at a $75 charge.

Pen/Ink Renderings 11″ x 14″ does not include framing – $400

Oil/Acrylic Individual quotes available upon request.

Non-Residential Buildings Watercolor
Individual quotes available upon request.
* Other sizes are available to suit individual request.

Oil/Acrylic Individual quotes available upon request.
*In the Hamilton Ontario area, photography of houses can be ordered from the artist at an additional charge.
*All prices for homes and non-residential buildings are current for 2019 and do not include shipping, handling or photography. Customers photos will be returned.

Surrealist House Portraits

 South Africa

A surrealist house portrait encompasses your home, set amongst elements and landscapes that may reflect your heritage, another country, or place that is special to you. You may want to show all or a part of your home, set into a dream-like landscape of another place with some other special element, animal or object. A painting of this type requires more time and discussions between the artist and the client.

A sketch will be done first to be approved by the client. Typically this will be a larger painting done in acrylics. Surrealist House Portraits start at $4500 for a painting measuring approximately 20″ x 28″ and depend on what is to be added. Quotes will be given before any sketches are done.

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