by artist Kathryn Smith

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For privacy and safety portraits are not available for viewing on my website without the express written permission of the client. Samples are available for viewing in my studio.


Head & Shoulders – 16″ x 20″ Oil – $3500
3/4 View incl. Hands – 24″ x 30″ Oil – $5000
Full Figure – Individual Quotes upon Request

Kathryn Smith

Hamilton Artist Kathryn Smith

Sizes are approximate and may be altered to suit the format of the pose.
These fees are for a single subject with the artist’s choice of background. For each additional subject, add 50%
Specific backgrounds with objects and/or furnishings will be a higher price.
Full payment is required upon completion of the portrait and acceptance by the customer.


The portrait begins with a meeting of the artist and customer at which time the size, price and mood of the painting are decided. Some elements to take into consideration are:

·       where will the portrait hang
·       size
·       overall color scheme of clothing and background
·       theme of the painting, i.e.:  a casual, relaxed setting, or a more formal look.

All portraits are created from photos, especially where children are concerned. You do not need to have professional photos, but your snapshots must be clear and large enough to work from. Individual shots of two or more people can be combined into one painting.

Portrait of Patricia Bragg and Paul Bragg

Portrait of Patricia Bragg and Paul Bragg while in progress

Prices are current for 2019.




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‘Sweet Dreams’ are monochromatic drawings of your baby or young child, with or without a favourite toy, while they are sleeping. These drawings are done from your photos, which can be emailed to me. They are typically rendered on grey Ingres paper and may have one light touch of color as seen in the blue tint of the eye of the toy in the sample.

They are unframed and offered for a special price of only $500. Price is for one child.

Size is approximately 14″ x 18″.

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