Eaton’s Windows


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I remember Eaton’s windows. Many were the Decembers that my sister Shirley and I went downtown with our parents to do our Christmas shopping at Eaton’s Department store. We not only anticipated the joy of visiting Santa in the huge toy department, but also looked forward to standing outside the store, walking from one window to another, gazing in amazement at the animated displays of Santa with his elves and reindeer, toys galore for boys and girls of every age. The magic of “Toy Land” came alive in those windows of wonder.

It was Macy’s department store on the 34th street in New York City that, in 1874, was the first to decorate their windows with a Christmas theme. The season has never been the same since. Three years prior to that they had stayed open until midnight Christmas Eve creating the first ever “midnight madness”.

The downtown Eaton’s store was always my favorite from the bargain basement filled with Christmas decorations to the toy department at the top. I especially liked to ride in the beautiful brass cage elevators that had the lady with the white gloves that would call out at every stop what departments were on that floor. It was in Eaton’s that my mother bought me my first art supplies and how as a young child, I looked forward to getting a paint-by-number set in my Christmas stocking. But most of all, I remember Eaton’s Windows.

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